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Kumuola Foundation programming is deeply rooted in its Mission to Perpetuate Hawaiian Arts and Culture through the Legacy laid before Us, of People, Places, Arts & Spiritual Practices, Sustainability, and Education. Kumuola is doing this through its five primary objectives:

1.  Express the traditions and passions of Hawai‘i by supporting Hawaiian Artisans, Practitioners and their needs.
2.  Restore and prepare space to plant edible, healing plants, to teach, learn, and live a healthier lifestyle.
3.  Live the concepts of Aloha, Akahai, Lōkahi, 'Olu'olu, Ha'aha'a, Ahonui.  We strive to use these values as a basis for how we work and deal with situations that come our way.
4.  Restore and Revive Indigenous/ Endemic Plants and Animals that have been brought to the brink of extinction.
5. Create a sustainable living environment and community utilizing the latest technologies to eventually create a working model which can then be used throughout the rest of Hawaii and the world.

Kumuola Keiki


The Kumuola Keiki program inspires students by introducing those of all ages and skill levels to Hawaiian culture by creating an outdoor learning environment that engages all five senses. See, touch, taste, smell, and hear, traditional natural place based environment imparting an impactful sense of being and connection.  Keiki of all ages, gender, and ethnic background are invited to learn and connect with land, water, and plants.

Kumuola Hou


The Kumuola Hou program addresses the need for native flora and fauna to be present in forested areas by propagating and planting indigenous and endemic plants and animals. The percentage of invasive plants to native is out of balance and is in dire need to be so. 

We work tirelessly to remove invasive species, individual plant by plant.  Over the last 5 years we and many wonder volunteers have worked hard to clear over 200 large Albizia trees.  Bamboo is also being removed stalk by stalk to make room for more educational gardens.

'Ai Pono


The ʻAi Pono program addresses the need to provide an alternative, more conducive approach to attaining and maintaining health. Native hawaiian plants that feed and heal, will be grown, and available for harvest and use in cultural healing laʻau lapaʻau with the guidance of Master Healers. Plants are seen as preventative medicine, thus eating the wholesome natural foods  will rebalance a healthy diet. Natural farming techniques are integrated in the land operations and the value of Lōkahi, living in harmony with the environment around, will be the guiding plan for farming.

Hui 'Ohana

The Hui ʻOhana program was created to bring together the Master Practitioners, Students, and the ‘Aina through workshops and classes that convey the essence of Hawaii. Wisdom and Knowledge taught by the Artists and Practitioners will allow the community to gain a deeper understanding of the traditions of Hawaii as they’ve been passed on from generation to generation. The Hui ʻOhana program focuses on the need for continuity of culture through the support and cultivation of the kumu to haumana relationship.



The Kokua Program invites Community members to join us for a work day, every 2nd saturday from 10am to 2pm. Projects include weeding, mulching, planting, pruning, preparing space for gardens, opening lo'i kalo, etc. Water and lunch included.  Please inquire though our connect tab.  We hope to see you soon!


Community Service Opportunities and Student Service Learning Projects for students and families  who need a place to fulfill service hours for any school or organization. Please leave your information at Mahalo

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