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Kalo - Kulolo

A Taro dessert cooked in the IMU or underground oven. We  share the taste of organic Hawaiian Kalo cleaned, grated and mixed to perfection. The flavors of Kiawe wood, Banana and Ti leaves add just the right touch. Wrapped and gifted with Aloha from our Kumuola 'ohana to you. Keep an eye out on Facebook: Kumuola Hawaii when the next Imu will open. 



Kalo - Lu'au


We offer young Taro leaves from two Hawaiian varieties of dry land grown Kalo: Haokea and 'Elepaio. This is a hearty choice of super green, full of nutritional value. Please cook leaves well, to break down calcium oxilate, and to eliminate itching. Lu'au was most commonly used in laulau (meat wrapped in leaf), and or lu'au, a Hawaiian stew. We invite you to be creative and mix luau into your own recipes. $5 per lb.



Kalo - Poi


Poi is the greatest gift we can share as Hawaiian farmers. With much Aloha, we prepare the space, dig the Lo'i, open the water ways, plant the Huli, maintain the health of the Lo'i for  9-12 months, Huki the Kalo/corm, cook, prepare and process the corm to make Poi for you and your 'Ohana. We hope you enjoy! Ho'ola Hawaii! $10 per lb.



Ni'oi - Hawaiian Chili Peppers

Hawaiian Chili Peppers speak for themselves.  Used to add spice to any recipe or made into Chili pepper water.  Be sure to ask about our recipe for eye drops. 

$5 per oz.



Pohole, also known as Ho'io, or Fiddlehead Fern, is an endemic native Hawaiian plant. It is a wonderful refreshing choice green made of 98% water, high in iron, with some calcium and magnesium. We suggest you first blanch the fern for a few minutes and then its ready to add to your favorite salads. Pohole is available all year round. $8 per lb, 3 lb minimal, pls call a week in advance for larger orders. 



Pua Kiele - Gardenias 
Gardenias are seasonal blooms from March thru July. We sell bundles of buds, 10 stems short or long, prices may vary. A wonderful gift for every occasion- Birthdays, Motherʻs Day, May Day, Graduation Leis, and/or Weddings. Please email or call to order your Gardenias. 

Potted Gardenias also available year round. (5 gallon pots) 

ʻOlena - Tumeric


ʻOlena is a sacred plant used for healing.  Please inquire if need for healing purposes. 




Arts and Crafts

Leis Special Order: inquire about specific styles:


Pua Kiele (Gardenia) 

Lei Hulu (Feather)

Lei Ki (Ti Leaves)



Ipu Making (Gourds)

Please call or email if interested. Please allow two weeks for confirmation for this workshop.



Waihoʻoluʻu (Natural Plant Dyes)

Please call or email if interested. Please allow two weeks for confirmation for this workshop.

Cultural Exchange Program


Imu Experience

The ʻAi Pono Program will include gathering, prepping, setting, opening, and eating of the Imu, Underground Oven. A glorious selection of Kalua pig, chicken laulau, ʻUala (Sweet Potato), ʻUlu (Breadfruit) and Kalo (Taro) served hot and fresh. The style of cooking in an Imu, gives the participants the opportunity to cook like the ancients cooked and taste but a gimpse of old Hawaii.  The action of cooking together puts all our good energies into the foods which in turn makes it taste amazing. ALOHA is the secret ingredient. 




Waterfall Hike (Wailele)


The Waterfall Hike is a great family outing that will include a quick tour of Kumuola Farms and a hike up to the majestic Lua ʻAlaea falls. Our well versed guides will educate you on the cultural significance and stories of Manoa, all while hiking to a secluded waterfall not normally available to the general public.








Craft and Farm Program


This Program includes a tour of Kumuola Farms and a demonstration and/or making of a special Hawaiian craft. Practitioners will need to have 5 days advanced notice of craft making choice, also depending on availability.

Craft making choices include: Gardenia Lei, Ti Leaf Lei, Puʻohe (Bamboo Trumpet), Paʻi ʻAi (Taro Pounding), Ipu (Gourd Making), and Waihoʻoluʻu (Natural Dyes).




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